Nativity The Musical

Preparations are already under way for our next production Nativity The Musical.

Mr Poppy and Mr Maddens Workshop 21st May at 2pm at Battle Memorial Hall – no preparation necessary but must like children!

Auditions will be announced in due course for the following roles:

Paul Maddens   Male, playing age 25-45 Tenor, Teacher at St Bernadette’s school who is trying to produce a nativity play that will, once and for all, outdo Oakmoor’s school play. A nice guy who gets very stressed.

Gordon Shakespeare Male, playing age 25-45 Baritone, Teacher at Oakmoor Primary School (a prep school) and Paul’s rival. Ambitious and ruthless. Fancies himself as a serious theatre director. 

Jennifer Lore Female, playing age 25-45 Mezzo with Belt and Classical Soprano, Paul’s ex-girlfriend who left him and moved to Hollywood. Ambitious and hard working. 

Desmond Poppy Male, playing age 20-35 High Tenor, Paul’s new teaching assistant – childlike and enthusiastic. A ball of energy who is like one of the children himself. A natural comedian who is awesome with kids. 

Mrs Patricia Bevan Female, playing age 50-65 Alto with some belt or some soprano, Head teacher at St Bernadette’s school. Kind, strict and trying to rescue a school in trouble. 

Miss Rye Female, playing age 25-45 Alto with belt, Teacher at St Bernadette’s.

Burns Any, playing age 30-60 Baritone/Tenor, A critic. Very mean

Lord Mayor Male, playing age 35-60 Tenor, Throws a very fancy party and flirts with Mrs Bevan.

Parker Any, playing age 30-55 Non singing, A Hollywood film producer and studio boss. 

Cracker the Dog Any, preferably a nice soprano, but could be a bass.  Either a puppeteer or someone dressed as Cracker the Dog.